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About us

The beginning
In 2013 Swaens Bamboo Underwear starts selling through this webshop silky bamboo lingerie. It is incontinence nurse Zwaan who stood at the cradle of Swaens. Since 1993 she has specialized in the guidance of children and adults with incontinence. 30% of women over the age of 30 suffer to a greater or lesser degree from undesired urine leakage. Many women always wear a panty liner or bandage as a precaution or because they are insecure. With Swaens - with an integrated washable crotch - a charming alternative was introduced.
For men, she developed the men's boxer, also made of bamboo. They may suffer from urinary incontinence, for example after prostate surgery

In recent years, new models arrived and minor improvements were made. After these were accomplished, Swan felt it was time to take a step back. Since September 2017 I am the owner of Swaens Bamboo Undewear. I have a background as a nurse and also have a journalism and communication education behind me, specializing in healthcare.

An important reason to take over Swaens is the positive reactions for this great product. Some of the reactions. 'I feel much safer', 'I dare to go out the door again', 'It's very comfortable', 'No need for panty liners', 'No more allergic reaction' and 'It feels great'. The positive ratings for Swaens underwear can also be found on this homepage, bottom right at Kiyoh.
It is great that Swaens can count on a large group of loyal customers in recent years. And there are new ones every week!

Unique product
All Swaens models feature a unique cross with three layers. These layers each have a distinctive and unmistakable feature. They are odor resistant, have a high moisture absorption, feel dry and prevent leaks. These special features guarantee safety with light leakage, menstruation, sports, discharge and allergy. 

Swaens offers the following models: Swaens Mini, Swaens Midi, Swaens Boxer, Swaens Waist, Swaens Ultra Basic and Swaens Comfort. These are available in red, ivory and black. For men, there are the black men's boxers and black men's briefs.  

Swaens is located at Kasteelweg 8 in Obbicht (Limburg). The river Maas separates the village from Belgium. Swaens can not be visited. You can only order through the webshop.

For questions about the product, ordering and such please call 085 06 57 499 or email [email protected]. At Shipping & Returns you will also find a number of questions and answers. Or take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Quality mark
Swaens is affiliated with the WebwinkelKeur quality mark. The experts of WebwinkelKeur examine the webshop on practical code of conduct based on the legislation. 

With warm regards,
Mark van Seggelen

Swaens Bamboo UnderwearSwaens Bamboo Underwear
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