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SWAENS sustainable underwear is an environmentally friendly option for the menstrual cycle. Eco-friendly menstrual panties are an excellent alternative to disposable options. At SWAENS, we care about both environmental impact and women's health, which is why our bamboo underwear and panties are designed for you.


Sustainable underwear made from bamboo

Bamboo underwear and panties are an increasingly popular choice for sustainable underwear. Bamboo fiber is one of the most environmentally friendly options because it proliferates, requires no pesticides, and uses less water in its production compared to other natural fibers.

In addition, bamboo underwear is very soft and absorbent. Bamboo fiber is smooth and silky, which makes bamboo panties a very comfortable and practical choice.

Benefits of bamboo panties

Bamboo panties have many benefits compared to other types of underwear.



1. Super absorbent

Bamboo fiber is very absorbent, which makes bamboo panties very effective for menstruation. It is an excellent substitute for tampons or pads, which reduces the amount of disposable waste produced.

2. Reusable

Bamboo menstrual panties are reusable. You can wash and reuse them, making them more economical and sustainable than single-use disposable products.

3. Safety and confidence

Bamboo panties are safe and reliable. You can wear them confidently because they are absorbent and do not leak. Wear them even at night without worry and with the utmost comfort.


Sustainable panties SWAENS

By choosing sustainable panties, you make a conscious and positive choice for the environment and yourself. SWAENS sustainable panties offer modern and attractive designs that combine style and sustainability.

SWAENS places great importance on sustainability, starting, of course, with Swaens linens made from bamboo. Bamboo requires no artificial irrigation, processes twice as much carbon monoxide as forests, is 100% biodegradable, requires no pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers, and is the fastest-growing plant on the planet. Bamboo grows back after it is cut.

SWAENS ships your package with the FSC quality mark. This guarantees that the raw materials for the paperboard and paper come from responsibly managed forests.



¿Es buena la fibra de bambú?

SWAENS has sustainability high on its agenda. That starts, of course, with the SWAENS lingerie made from bamboo. Bamboo does not require artificial watering, bamboo processes twice as much carbon monoxide as forests, is 100% biodegradable, does not require pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizer, and is the fastest-growing plant on earth. Bamboo grows back after it is harvested.

Bamboo fiber is an excellent choice for underwear because it is soft, absorbent, and sustainable. In addition, it does not require pesticides and uses less water in its production compared to other fibers.

If you are looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and comfortable option for menstruation, eco-friendly menstrual panties made with bamboo are made for you. They are absorbent, reusable, safe, and comfortable and a sustainable alternative to conventional underwear and single-use options.

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